MAXLEBEN 9 PLATES WATER IONIZER highest antioxidant potential

The Maxleben 9 plates water Ionizer was designed to give you the highest antioxidant potential of alkaline water at that level. Read More


MAXLEBEN 7 PLATES WATER IONIZER highest antioxidant potential

The Maxleben 7 plates water Ionizer was designed to give you the highest antioxidant potential of alkaline water at that level. Read More

FILTERS Advanced Filter Technology

The filters set designed to give you the water you drink will hydrate your cells far better than any other water can do.


Ionized Water

Ionized water means water with mineral ions in it. Minerals in water become ioniz-ed when they either gain or lose electrons. Water with no minerals is not natural water, natural water has the mineral

Alkaline Water

Alkaline ionized water is also knows as electrolysed  reduced water because it has been shown in laboratory settings to reduce the effect of oxidation. The ability of ionized alkaline water to reduce oxidation

pH and Water

water with a pH lower than 7 is considered acidic, and with a pH greater than 7 is considered basic. Maxleben Machines ensures the ph level of water is greater then 8

About Us

Maxleben Alkaline  Water Ionizers  a unit  of  center point  Water products is  the  official exclusive  water  Ionizer company.  the leaders  in  distributing  highest  quality  alkaline water ionizer machines.We make sure that our  users gain the best user experience when using Maxleben  products.Over  the  past   few years  we’ve  worked  hard to  spread the word,  and these days  we are  delighted to  have  turned  our efforts into an efficient and  diverse consumer oriented water ionizer. In order to understand  the advantages of alkaline water, users are encouraged to learn about and enjoy the many advantages of alkaline water and to make sure its use as your primary thing (water) consumed on a day to day.

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What is Alkaline water?

Drinking alkaline ionized water is the fastest and most efficient way to alkalize our body. Most of us tend to be over acidic in our body. The food that we eat burns with oxygen in our cells to produce energy (metabolism). After burning, the food

What type of technology is used in your purifier

Maxleben water ionizer uses the method of electrolysis with the help of platinum plates and regulates the ph level of the water according to fda advised ph level and makes water alkaline you can READ MORE here

What is wrong with drinking RO water or regular water

RO demineralises water to the extent that it remains unfit for drinking. Loss of minerals could lead to lack of minerals in the body. This water does not quench our thirst. Prolonged use could lead to certain ailments like reduction in bone density. The pH of the water is also reduced, giving it a sour taste

Why is it so expensive?

First of all, if you compare water ionizers to medical equipment, they’re not expensive at all. But I’ll explain how the expense breaks down. The most cost is in the platinum coated titanium plates (electrodes). Platinum is right now selling for over $950.00 per ounce! Each plate in the water cell (which is the heart of the water ionizer) is coated with this expensive platinum